Saturday, March 25, 2017

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iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Red Limited Edition Gets Unveiled Because Color is the New Feature

If you’re an Apple fan and haven’t gotten a current generation iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus yet, now’s your chance to get it in red. After updating its iPhone and iPad variants with more storage and whatnot, the iPhone [...]

March 22, 2017 News in Tech

Qualcomm 205 Brings 4G LTE and 45-day Standby to Entry Level Smartphones

Support for 4G/LTE on smartphones has gotten so good that even the more affordable entry-level smartphones can let you browse or download at 4G speeds. However, it looks like low-end feature phones will soon allow you to connect to 4G as well [...]

March 21, 2017 News in Tech

Chico Mobile is the Newest Local Smartphone Brand to Challenge for Market Share

As saturated the Philippine smartphone market is, it seems that some brands think there’s always room for more. That must be the thinking behind Chico Mobile, the newest local smartphone brand to take a stab at the challenging Philippine budget [...]

December 17, 2016 News in Tech, Smartphones

Sony Fair PH 2016 is a FREE Showcase of Flagship Products and Immersive Experiences for All Customers

It’s the payday weekend and just a few days from Christmas. Why not check out the latest flagship devices to know what you’re going to get with your hard-earned salary and 13th month pay? That seems to be what Sony [...]

December 17, 2016 News in Tech, Press Events

Bayad Center Online Lets You Pay Over 170 Types of Bills Right From Your PC or Smartphone!

Adulting is hard and bills only make it more so. Bayad Center, a Meralco-owned payment processor has made things easier over the years and has allowed us to pay many different bills while only having to fall in line once. Still, [...]

December 15, 2016 News in Tech, Press Events

HOOQ Triples their Kid-friendly Content with Nickelodeon, Hasbro, Turner, and More!

HOOQ continues to solidify its status as one of our premiere streaming services thanks to partnerships with Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., Kids Like Us, Hasbro, Turner, and MoMedia, effectively tripling their kid-friendly content that the whole family can enjoy. As a [...]

November 9, 2016 News in Tech, Press Events

Twitter Relaxes 140 Character Limit, Kind Of…

If there’s anything I’ve never been quite able to master, it’s the ability to say everything I want in 140 characters or less on Twitter. Unfortunately, the microblogging social network isn’t actually scrapping the 140 character limit. However, most things [...]

September 20, 2016 News in Tech

Bayad Center Takes the Hassle Out of Paying Your Bills

Bills are a hassle. There’s no getting around that fact. It doesn’t help that a lot of us get our pay at fixed schedules once or twice a month while our bills’ due dates are often scattered throughout. Thankfully, these [...]

September 15, 2016 News in Tech

Becoming a Bayad Center Franchisee is a Surprisingly Minimal Investment

Paying bills is a universal hassle among Pinoys. Sure, there are online means to paying your bills, but there are still a lot of people who prefer or are limited to transacting through a local Bayad Center. Alas, not every [...]

August 29, 2016 News in Tech

Pokemon Go Cheaters Can Now Get Permanently Banned!

Cheating in multiplayer games is a pet peeve of mine, especially on a game as massive as Niantic’s Pokemon Go. Thankfully, the company isn’t sitting on its butt and will soon be permanently banning some players who violate the game’s [...]

August 13, 2016 News in Tech, Software