Monday, June 18, 2018

Cherry Mobile Omega HD 2X Gets Leaked! Full HD Display, 2GB RAM and 32GB Storage!

Sweet mother, Cherry Mobile has done it again. Fresh after revealing a couple of Superion tablets, the local phone brand looks set to release another premium Android handset that will once again challenge the more established and expensive international brands. The handset in question is called the Cherry Mobile Omega HD 2X, and in case you haven’t heard about it yet, that’s because Cherry Mobile hasn’t even started teasing it on their Facebook page yet. Rather, a photo of it in a yet to be released flyer was leaked on the Cherry Mobile Omega HD 2.0 (OFFICIAL) Facebook user group by “Mac Mac” who is one of its members.

Cherry Mobile Omega HD 2X Leaked Flyer

The image as seen above reveals a number of key specs about the upcoming Cherry Mobile Omega HD 2X. It features a 5.7″ Full HD display, 1.5GHz quad core processor, 2GB RAM, 32GB storage, and dual cameras (18mp rear, 8mp front). The price is a whopper too, as it only costs Php12,399!

While the spec sheet isn’t complete, it’s still enough to get budget-minded smartphone buyers salivating about the Omega HD 2X possibly becoming their next prospect. Few other details have been revealed, but the flyer indicates that the sale will take place from October 19 to December 31. Of course, the specific model hasn’t been announced yet so we’ll just have to wait until then. So at Php12,399, is the Cherry Mobile Omega HD 2X something you would want to buy?

Source: Cherry Mobile Omega HD 2.0 (OFFICIAL), Via: NoypiGeeks


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