Tuesday, June 19, 2018

LG 4K OLED Smart TVs Redefine Top of the Line


When it comes to TVs, there’s high end, and then there’s top of the line. LG’s top of the line OLED TVs though almost belong in a class of their own with their ability to display perfect pitch black, eliminating the need for back-lighting to achieve perfect contrast. I recently got to experience firsthand just how awesome they are. The LG 4K OLED TV preview event at Raffles, Makati was an intimate one. It was just a small group of bloggers getting a chance to play around with a couple of the most gorgeous TVs I’ve ever seen. And boy, these new TVs didn’t disappoint.

LG E6 OLED 4K Smart TV

The first TV we got to preview was the E6, their top of the line 4K OLED Smart TV with 65 inches of gorgeous screen real estate. Thanks to a combination of its OLED display, HDR Dolby Vision, and a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160, it produced the most perfect blacks and colors I’ve ever seen on a consumer TV.

Harman Kardon Speakers

Not only that, but the sound was near-perfect as well thanks to its integrated Harman Kardon soundbar stand. The suite we were staying was pretty spacious, but the speakers had no problem filling the room with surprisingly well-balanced audio. There’s almost no need for a separate speaker setup — perfect for today’s cramped condos!

Thinner than a Smartphone!

And it certainly doesn’t hurt that the E6 looks gorgeous on its own. The display itself is just 2.5mm thick, sandwiched between glass. The entire display assembly is just 3.37mm thick.

LG C6 OLED 4K Smart TV

Of course, the C6 certainly wasn’t going to be left behind in the looks department. Between the two, the C6 actually looks better than the E6, design-wise.

Eye-bleeding 4K

For individual viewing, the C6 is also better since it achieves an almost surround-image effect thanks to its curved screen. It too benefits from a 4K OLED panel and HDR Dolby Vision, resulting in perfect blacks and colors.

Curved Screen

Pretty easy on the eyes, this one.

WebOS 3.0 Smart TV

Both the E6 and C6 run on WebOS 3.0 Smart TV, a Linux kernel-based multitask operating system for smart devices that LG has continued to develop after acquiring it from HP.

Magic Remote

Combined with LG’s Magic Remotes, WebOS makes controlling the E6, C6, and the rest of the current generation lineup so much more intuitive to control.


In case you were wondering, the 65″ E6 goes for a cool Php349,990 while the curved 65″ C6 is a little more affordable at Php299,990. If those are still too pricey, there’s also the 65″ and 55″ variants of the B6 that go for Php249,990 and Php149,990 respectively. If you’re looking for a steal, you can buy any of these variants between July 15 to 31 and get a whopping 30% discount on cash and straight credit card payments.

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