Friday, August 28, 2015

Cherry Mobile Hero Gets Leaked! 1.2GHz Quad Core CPU and 5″ Screen for Php5,499!

Cherry Mobile Hero Leak Featured

Cherry Mobile hasn’t even done anything on their page yet but they’re already on a roll. In case you missed it, the Titan 2.0 and Omega HD 2X have been unofficially leaked on a number of Facebook user groups. However, they’re not the only upcoming phones as the Cherry Mobile Hero was also leaked on the same flyer that revealed the first two phones.

Leaked Cherry Mobile Hero Poster

Thanks to an image shared by Jade on Facebook, we now know that the Cherry Mobile Hero features a 5″ screen, 1.2GHz quad core processor and 8mp camera. It’s also the most affordable of the three phones that were recently leaked, with a price tag of only Php5,499. I’m fairly sure that there’ll be some corners cut to bring the price down to as low as it is. For example, it likely won’t be an HD IPS screen.

Still, the more detailed specs haven’t actually been revealed yet, but it’s certainly a great option for the budget-minded user who wants a phablet that can perform well without breaking the bank.

Source: Jade

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  • panggatong

    Off topic, nagmura na pala blaze 2.0 based dun sa poster ng CM. Alam ko P9,500 yun.

  • Ferdinand Marte

    I give credit to CM for bringing the 3 Kings these early – Omega HD, Titan 2.0, Hero….it’s going to be a Cherry Christmas.

  • iolo0

    Gfive A800?

  • Ronnie Lupague

    when ba ang release ng cm hero?