While there are a lot of folks are spending more time at home these days, it can still be easy to neglect our canine, feline, and other fur-babies. The line between work and family time can easily become blurred, and this can be especially so with our pets. So if you’re looking for quick and easy ways to pamper them and make them feel special, here are a few ideas.

Baked Delights

If you can take time to whip up something special for your family in the kitchen, why not for Fido or Nibbles too! Given a few of us have air fryers or toaster ovens, you could put together some specially made peanut butter cookies (Xylitol-free) or quick and easy sweet potato fries!

Frozen Treats

If you’re not into baking, throwing something into the fridge might be more appealing. This is particularly true as the summer’s not quite over yet and your pets might want to cool down just as much as you do. So why not give them homemade popsicles using ingredients you control to make sure they’re both tasty and safe!

Cut and Groom

Just as much as we look forward to a haircut or getting our nails done, pets deserve this kind of pampering as well. And it’s not just to keep them looking good. It’s just responsible grooming and pet care. So why not take time to bring them to the local pet salon for a quick cut of their fur and get their nails clipped. If you really want to indulge on them, some even offer pet massages!

New Chew Toy!

Many of us are trying to stay in as much as possible, and no doubt it’s taking a toll on our pets as well. Peace of mind and mental health are a thing, and a new chew toy such us a dinosaur plushie or even something as simple as a tennis ball can do the trick.

Never Miss a Feeding!

Probably, the best thing we can do is avoid neglecting our fur babies. With the Cherry Pet Smart Feeder, missed meals will be a thing of the past for little Fido or Fifi. Not only will you be ableto automate their meals, but thanks to a built in camera you’ll even be able to watch and talk sweet nothings with them as well. Follow that up with the Cherry Pet Smart Pet Fountain that not only stores up to 2L of water, but sterilizes it as well!

With both the Cherry Pet Smart Pet Feeder and Smart Pet Fountain getting a Php 1,100 discount, it’s a great time to level up their pampering now that they each only go for Php 4,400!


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