Friday, February 28, 2020

The Axis Vidius is the World’s Smallest Camera-equipped Drone!

Axis Vidius

Drone’s are becoming increasingly inexpensive. The last time I took a peek on Lazada, there were smaller drones going for less than Php2k! The Axis Vidius though is the smallest camera-equipped drone yet, measuring just 1.7 inches wide and a little under an inch tall. It’s so small, its controller is actually bigger than it is!

Despite its size, it comes equipped with its own onboard camera, which is capable of recording and streaming 480p video, not to mention capture still images in-flight! It can even perform trick maneuvers with a few built-in commands! Of course, its size does come with limitations. Its 150mAh battery lasts only 5 to 7 minutes. Thankfully though, charging time is relatively short at just 20 minutes.

The Axis Vidius is set to go on sale online by January 7 for a cool $95. However, if you’re interested in pre-ordering it ahead of the official launch date, you’ll get a special discounted price of $75. Take note though that its not available locally, but through Axis Drones’ international online store, so expect that there’ll be a few import dues if you order it through there.


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