Tuesday, March 2, 2021

CD-R King Continues to Make Technology Affordable to All

When CD-R King first came out, they were a reliable source of writable CDs, mice, keyboards, and other staples of the small/home office. These days, if you’re looking for a random gadget, there’s a good chance they carry it. From cases for your smartphone to electric scooters, CD-R King has never been shy to offer a gadget if it seemed like something the average Pinoy would buy.


One of my recent favorites is the Selfie Stick Case. Being the selfie capital of Asia, selfie sticks are a favorite accessory. But when you’re not actually taking selfies, the selfie stick becomes just another extra accessory you have to bring along. The Selfie Stick Case lets you eliminate the need for another accessory, and CD-R King has one for both the iPhone 6/6s and the 6/6s Plus.

Another gadget gaining popularity in the Philippines is the dashboard camera, or dashcam. Naturally, CD-R King has just the thing, a 5mp dashcam capable of Full HD recording. Check out a full review here.


Even solar energy is something that CD-R King has gotten into. And it’s not like they’ve just started offering solar energy solutions. They’ve been into solar energy for years now, and their latest one is the Portable Solar LED light, one of the most cost-effective ways to get into solar energy.

Of course, they’re also known to offer a wide range of cables, the newest being something that some new smartphone owners might want to check out. If your smartphone now uses the new USB Type-C port, there’s an assortment of new accessories that you’ll no doubt find useful, such as USB 3.0 to Type-C, Micro USB to Type-C, and USB Type-C to Type C adapters and cables. There’s also a range of USB type A to lightning 8-pin and USB Type A to Micro USB cables as well.

You can find these and a whole lot more gadgets at CDR King stores nationwide. You can also check them out via their website or Facebook page

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