Tuesday, March 2, 2021

CDR King iPhone Case Comes with Built-in Selfie Stick!

CDR King Selfie Stick Case

CDR King is easily one of the best one-stop destinations for anything in budget tech. One thing they typically have in stock is a wide selection of smartphone cases. Their most recent addition might be of interest though as it actually does double duty as a selfie stick!

How the selfie stick is built in is quite intriguing. The entire sliding arm is compact enough that it can be folded right into the back of the case. Once you need to take a selfie, just fold it out and extend it to the desired length. It even comes with an included Bluetooth shutter! Genius!

Unfortunately, it’s several times more expensive than the average CDR King smartphone case. Most of their cases go anywhere as low as Php20 (yes, that’s right) up to about Php200 and beyond. The CDR King selfie stick case goes for a whopping (relatively speaking) Php990.

Still, if you like taking selfies, it’s a pretty sweet buy and it will let you bring one less smartphone accessory with you since you can just leave your old selfie stick at home. It’s currently only available for the iPhone 6/6S and 6/6S Plus though.

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