If there’s anything that the last few months have taught us, it’s that there’s more than just masks and face shields that you can do to protect yourself from getting sick. Being our household’s designated alay, I’ve been taking extra steps like spraying alcohol with Lysol as soon as I get it, disinfecting my phone every now and then with an alcohol white, and so on. It can get tedious, quite honestly, but it doesn’t have to be that way thanks to Cherry, which has come out with a few gadgets that make it more convenient to stay safe.

Cherry Ion Personal Air Purifier

The Cherry Ion is probably the first thing you would want to buy since it supplements your existing face mask and face shield by acting as another layer of defense.

It works by emitting negative ions, which in turn gives the particulate matter in the air a negative charge. Anything with a negative charge is naturally attracted to things with a positive charge so things like floating smoke particles would naturally be cleared since they would be attracted to positively charged things like the walls or your floor. It’s the same technology a lot of higher end air conditioners and standalone air purifiers use.

There are two versions of the Cherry Ion, the original version which emits 50 million ions per cubic centimeter, while the Cherry Ion Lite emits 20 million within the same space.

Cherry Multi-function Disinfection Box

Another thing you’d want to get right away is the Multi-function Disinfection Box. I’ve made it a habit of disinfecting everything that’s handed to me as soon as I get it, but pulling out my alcohol spray bottle to disinfect cash, change, my phone, keys, and other small items can be a hassle, not to mention, rather wet. The Cherry Multi-function Disinfection Box makes this whole process much easier since you could immediately stash small items inside and let the box do the work for you. Interestingly, it can also work as a wireless charger for your compatible phone!

Cherry Home 2-in-1 Disinfecting Lamp

Of course, not everything can fit in their Disinfection Box, in which case the 2-in-1 Disinfecting Lamp is another great addition to your sterilizing arsenal. Use it to disinfect larger items like groceries! An added bonus is that it also functions as a 6,000mAh power bank!

Cherry Home UVC Sterilizer Wand

The dual function of the 2-in-1 Disinfecting Lamp is convenient, but it can be a bit bulky. The Cherry Home UVC Sterilizer comes in a smaller form factor, albeit without the power bank function. It’s waterproof too and could be used to sanitize your pet’s drinking water!

Cherry Home Smart UVC Disinfecting Desk Lamp

After getting back home, I usually like to give things another round of sterilization. Vinegar baths for food, a home concocted bleach spray for most everything else. If only I had the Cherry Home Smart UVC Disinfecting Lamp that I could just use to disinfect everything in a few seconds! Of course, I probably wouldn’t actually replace my existing ritual, but I’m never confident that I haven’t missed disinfecting every thing or every surface, and this added disinfection step would be a great extra layer of safety.

Cherry Home has a slew of products worth checking out, although for the purposes of this article, I stuck with those that most will find useful in these trying times. Let me know if I missed anything in the comments below!

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