A great and inexpensive way to upgrade your room’s aesthetic is with RGB light strips. There’s a ton of inexpensive options on Lazada and Shopee, but having tried a few, my personal experience is they tend to be more trouble than their worth, each with a remote you’ll eventually lose. A great option that won’t break the bank while still being a significant step up from the cheapo stuff are the new Cherry Home Smart Multi-colored Strip Lights. For just Php 1,380, you get a 5-meter RGB strip with a lot of great features conveniently accessible from your phone!

First off, Cherry Home’s new Smart Multi-colored Strip Lights are capable of rendering 15 million different colors for endless color options. Of course, it’s not actually overwhelming because there are 8 preset lighting scenes you can choose from at the onset. Though they can indeed be managed by a remote control, you can also connect to them via your smartphone through the all-in-one Cherry Home app! Yes, the same Cherry Home app you would use to control other smart Cherry Home devices like your security cameras! There’s also the Music Rhythm Adaptive mode that allows it to change colors based on ambient sound, not to mention the ability to control it via Google or Alexa!

Installation is a breeze and you can mount it behind your desk or monitor, or even the ceiling! In case you spill anything on it, it’s IP65 water-resistant too! If this is something you’re interested in, check it out now at the Cherry Shop!

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