One of the most difficult challenges of being away from home is making sure the family and belongings you leave behind are still protected. Cherry Home has just launched the Smart Swivel Camera S2 that allows you to do just that. Unlike CCTV cameras that can only record and require your presence to access the recordings, the Cherry Home Smart Swivel Camera S2 allows you to remotely access the feed from anywhere there’s an internet connection. It also does this relatively affordably at just Php1,499!

So what features are you getting for the money? The Smart Swivel Camera S2 records in Full HD quality and has a wide angle of view. Not only does it have the ability to record to micro SDs with up to 128GB of capacity, but you can also access the livestream via the Cherry Home app. You can even communicate directly with the people at home thanks to two-way audio so you can communicate or encourage your kids! And with intelligent auto-tracking, you won’t have to fumble with awkward controls while doing so!

Interested? The Cherry Home Smart Swivel Camera S2 can be found online at the Cherry Shop.

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