As of this writing, there are currently two Cherry Ions in the market: the original that retails for Php3.5K and a Lite version that goes for just Php2.3K. So what’s the difference between the two and which one should you buy?

It’s a short list, really. First, is the amount of ions either model is able to emit. The original Cherry Ion is able to emit 50 million ions per cubic centimeter, while the Cherry Ion Lite emits fewer at 20 million ions within the same amount of space. Both maintain a safe bubble of 3 feet, meaning you’ll want to position both as close to your face as possible.

Second is battery life. The Cherry Ion Lite can last up to 8 hours on a single charge whereas the original can last up to 12 hours. That 12-hour batter life is something I can confirm too based on my own video review. Both use a micro USB port for charging, so charging time should be pretty similar, though negligible since even the original version charges pretty fast.

Finally, there’s the size. The first Cherry Ion is pretty large. It can still be worn around the neck without any issues, though some of the color variants will no doubt be eye-catching. The Cherry Ion Lite is a smaller design that doesn’t catch as much attention.


If you’re looking to maximize your protection, the original is the obvious choice. It simply emits more ions and I’d say the size difference is negligible. However, it’s roughly 50% pricier and it can quickly get expensive if you’re buying one for each member of the family. The Cherry Ion Lite is more affordable and literally lighter, not to mention comes in a less attention-grabbing design.

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