Back Covers for the Cherry Mobile Flare Now Available in Different Colors!

Cherry Mobile Flare Back CasesIf you’re like me, you’re probably looking for a way to protect your newly bought Cherry Mobile Flare. While I’m making do with a protective pouch right now, I would much rather prefer something that doesn’t require me the extra action of having to take my Flare out of a stupid pouch and diligently remembering to put it back inside after using it to avoid scratching or damaging the outer case. Well, it looks like Cherry Mobile has released what appears to be a stop-gap solution to my problems: replacement back covers! And they’re available in 7 fashionable colors! Awesome, right?!

Well, yes and no. Sure, it’s great that I can now get an extra back case that I can use interchangeably with the one I have right now. I can even stick to using just one and save the other in case the first one breaks. Still, I’d prefer that they release some sort of protective back case for the Flare so I don’t even have to worry about scratching the darn thing at all. Of course, if you’re the fashionable type, then you might actually be excited about this. Get one now for Php299.

Source: Cherry Mobile Facebook Page

6 thoughts on “Back Covers for the Cherry Mobile Flare Now Available in Different Colors!

    1. If you can’t find them at any Cherry Mobile kiosks and concept stores, try other cellphone dealers that sell CM phones and accessories. SM Cyberzone should have a few.

    1. Hi, they should have them at Cherry Mobile concept stores. If you find yourself in one of the SM Cyberzones, some of the cellphone stores have them too.

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