We’ve long been able to shop from our homes thanks to Lazada. However, with the government-mandated quarantine time, what was once a convenience is now a necessity. Which is why Lazada is driving awareness that we should be able to shop safely and securely without ever leaving the house through the 5.5 Bounce Back Sale. The Bounce Back Sale is currently ongoing and will run until May 5, 2020. And Cherry Mobile is just one of the many participating companies, putting up select handsets at significant discounts, including the Flare X3, which can be had for Php2K less its original SRP!

Flare X3

The Cherry Mobile Flare X3 is one of the company’s most popular handsets, sporting a 6.18 inch screen and Helio P60 processor. It also boasts a total of 5 cameras to satisfy the hidden photographer in you! And instead of getting it for Php9,999, you can get it for just Php7,999!

Desire R8

Another handset to look out for during the 5.5 Bounce Back Sale is the Desire R8, a capable smartphone with a 5.5 inch Full HD screen, 1.5GHz octa-core processor, and dual cameras that’ll outperform Cherry Mobile’s other affordable dual camera offerings. This is an older handset, so you’ll be able to get it for just Php3,999 instead of the original Php9,999.

Other Deals

There are a few other deals from Cherry Mobile to look forward to. There’s the popular Flare S7 3GB RAM variant, which can be had for just Php3,499 from Php5,999. Then there’s the waterproof Rover 2, which gives you a basic quad core handset but should prove useful in rugged environments for just Php1,199.

Finally, there’s the Love Marie Bluetooth speaker and power bank bundle, which you can get for just Php1,999 instead of Php2,800 if bought separately.

So which deal do you like best? Let me know in the comments below!

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