Cherry Mobile P1 2019 Down to Just Php399 with Special Promo!

Now here’s something I didn’t expect. Remember that old calculator phone from Cherry Mobile from almost a decade ago? Well, they brought it back and I had some extensive hands-on time with it. Apparently, not only does it do dual SIMs, but it can also function as a Bluetooth dialer for your main smartphone!


As part of their 10th year anniversary celebration, Cherry Mobile is getting all nostalgic with us and updating it for 2019. From its original price of Php999, you can get it for just Php399 on September 10, 2019 if you’re able to show them your original P1 that’s probably still kicking around your drawer.

What’s so new about the Cherry Mobile P1 2019? Although you still get the alphanumeric key layout, the now get a color screen, Bluetooth dialer functionality, built-in flashlight, and even a headset jack. That headset jack is interesting to me, because it might allow me to listen to Spotify while it’s connected to Bluetooth. Gosh, why didn’t I think of that while I was shooting that hands-on video! Oh, and there’s also a P1i, which is basically the special edition sporting the 10th year anniversary logo on the back. It looks just slightly different but functions basically the same as the P1 2019.

So what do you guys think? Missing your old P1? Thinking of picking up a new one? Let me know in the comments!


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