With borders opening up for travel all over the world, ensuring you stay connected abroad is once again becoming a concern. Interestingly, the CherryRoam 5G Travel Pocket WiFi has just been launched. Not only does it ensure you stay connected abroad, but it’s also the first locally available travel WiFi device that supports 5G speeds! Nevermind Mbps speeds. If your destination of choice supports it, you can quickly share your experiences with friends and family at speeds of up to 2.5Gbps!

Sure, roaming promos already exist with our local telcos, but those can still be prohibitively expensive. Instead, why not go with the CherryRoam 5G that also allows you to connect up to 16 devices and even power them in case of emergencies with its 5,400mAh battery? It’s slim and also has a 2.4 inch screen for a quick peek at signal strength, number of connected devices, and data consumption. Worried about connectivity across multiple countries? CherryRoam’s 5G Pocket Wifi can be used in over 100 of them!

The new 5G travel WiFi will let you explore the globe for an introductory price of Php15,000. If you don’t travel that often, you can even rent a unit at www.cherryroam.com.ph!

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