Get The Look: Custom iPhone Skins!

iPhone 4 skin US flag front

One thing I hate about cases for cellphones is that they tend to add bulk to the phone itself and can sometimes make it hard to handle properly. And if you own something like an iPhone 4/4S or 5, you’ll definitely want to show off its premium design, rather than do it the injustice of hiding everything behind a case. Alas, phone cases have become somewhat of an acceptable evil. After all, who would want the glass and aluminum of their iPhone 5 scratched or dented after a careless fumble? One great way that you can protect your iPhone while adding a bit of customization is to install an iPhone skin.

iPhone 4 skin US flag back

iPhone skins are typically available for the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 and you can get them to protect both the front and back of your precious iPhone. They are similar to your basic front and back protector except that they also come in varying designs. My girlfriend recently had an iPhone skin installed on her own iPhone 4, and to protect the sides as well, she just added an extra hundred bucks for a white bumper case. I just love how the iPhone skin adds virtually no bulk to the iPhone 4 while adding the kind of protection you would expect from a typical screen and back protector.

iPhone 4 skin US flag front with bumper

We bought the iPhone skin at 168 Mall in the Solera wing where all the gadget shops are. They installed it free of charge and gave us the white plastic bumper case at a discount. There were also other premium-looking bumper cases, but we were on a tight budget for Christmas gifts and had to skip on them. Aside from Divisoria, there are services like Laptop Skin Manila that not only offer a wide range of iPhone skins, but skins for Android and other smartphones as well, not to mention laptops as their name suggests. Aside from the standard selection of skins, they also accept custom jobs.

iPhone 4 skin US flag back with bumper

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  1. ay boss, akala ko Mytattooskins sa market2, taguig. Di pala. Dun kasi ako last time nagpagawa at almost lahat ng devices at gadgets kayang kaya nila. hehe.

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