D-Power QA-05: The Wall Charger Replacement You Should be Getting

Sometimes I wonder if manufacturers intentionally make the wall chargers that come with their smartphones easy to break. I don’t even bother with the stock charger these days, as I’d prefer to get something more intelligent when it comes to power management. I have a VoltIQ capable desk charger that I like, although it would have been nice at the time to have the D-Power QA-05 as an option back then. It looks like your regular wall charger, but it’s surprisingly feature-packed.

First of all, it comes with 2 ports, a quick charge port and a regular 1A port. What kind of quick charge standard does it support? Why, it handles both Quick Charge 3.0 as well as Huawei’s Super Charge fast charging technologies. It’s a little pricey though, at Php599, but you won’t find many fast charging wall chargers that support multiple standards at this price!

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