D-Power S26 11,000mAh Power Bank Review: Android AND iOS, No Problem!

The thing with being a gadget enthusiast is you often have smartphones from both sides of the pond. So if you have a power bank, no doubt you’ll always have both a micro USB and lightning cable creating clutter in your bag. The D-Power S26 aims to solve this though. And its 11,000mAh capacity doesn’t hurt either.

Build Quality and Design

Thanks to a plastic construction, the D-Power S26 is able to keep its weight down despite its large battery capacity. The textured casing also helps by making it easier to hold. Most guys will be able to fit this into a pants pocket with their phone.


As mentioned, the S26 comes with 11,000mAh of juice, which puts it a notch above the typical 10,000mAh power banks in the market. While it doesn’t have PD3.0 or QC3.0 fast charging technologies, it can charge most devices faster as it supports up to 2.1A output.

Power delivery methods include the typical Type-A port for most devices. However, the star of the show is the convenient built-in 2-in-1 cable that doubles as a micro USB and lightning cable. The fit is a bit tight though, as they made the cable just short enough to sit flush against the body, but hardly long enough to make it easy to plug back into the body after use. It also seems a little thin to my liking.

Another favorite feature of mine is the LED indicator that shows remaining juice in percentages instead of the typical 4-bar indicator. This makes it easier to gauge just how much power is left instead of guessing whether that last bar is showing 1% or 25% remaining power.

So Should You Buy the D-Power S26?

Unlike some of the other D-Power power banks I’ve tried recently, the S26 doesn’t come with support for fast charging tech like PD3.0 and QC3.0. However, it makes up for it with versatility and a relatively high 11,000mAh capacity, not to mention its lightweight build for its Php999 asking price tag. And it’s not like 2.1A output is painfully slow as the S26 will still charge most devices faster than your typical wall charger.

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