Travel is starting up as we adjust to the new normal and if the 29th Philippine Travel Agencies Association is any indication, it’s looking optimistic. Cherry Roam offers travel WiFi solutions in the T1 Style and T2 Slim, and from June 24th to the 26th, you can get it at huge discounts along with free vouchers for additional data!

If you visit Cherry Roam Booth #21 at the SMX Convention Center from June 24 to 26, you’ll be able to get the Cherry Roam T1 Style for just Php 2,490 when it would usually be Php4,990. On top of that, you can also get a free voucher card worth Php 1,000! The T2 Slim with its built-in touchscreen can also be had for just Php 3,990 down from Php 6,990! And of course, you get a voucher as well, this time worth Php 2,500!

Cherry Roam is one of those essentials for travelers, with coverage in more than 140 countries worldwide. Data packages are flexible and you can just purchase the plan you need to ensure you’re connected to the internet and social media wherever your travels take you!


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