There’s a growing number of folks who consume content almost entirely on their smartphones these days, whether it be TV series, movies, music, or anything in between. So it was only a matter of time that GMA would make their DTV programming even more accessible with the help of the new GMA Now. GMA Now is a feature-packed DTV dongle that’s compatible with any Android phone with USB OTG support and allows users to watch free DTV programming on their phone.

Interestingly, GMA Now, isn’t solely about DTV programming. You can also access exclusive GMA video on demand, chat with friends and Kapuso celebrities, and even play interactive games and join promos through their app.

The dongle itself comes in a conveniently small form factor that’s attached to a wrist strap so you could literally take it anywhere. The strap also serves as the antenna too, which is a clever design choice. Currently, it’s only available for Android phones though and no iOS version in sight. Also, according to their website, it’s compatible with both micro USB and Type C ports as long as there’s OTG support, though it isn’t clear if there are different models for both or if you’d need a Type C adapter.

Still, at a Php649 introductory price, it’s a pretty good deal and it’s available via your favorite online stores, Shopee and Lazada. To learn more, you can also check out the product page here.

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