HTC One Double Dip Case

If you’re a proud owner of the HTC One and are looking for a case that lets you add your own flavor it, you’ll be happy to know that the new HTC One Custom Double Dip Case lets you do exactly that. There are three parts to the Custom Double Dip Case: the top, body, and bottom bands. Each band can come in its own color, which you of course choose.

The Custom Double Dip Case is actually based on the original Double Dip Case that came in a choice of either black/gray/black or red/light gray/black. However, the new Custom Double Dip Case lets you choose from 6 different colors. Otherwise though, it’s still the exact same Double Dip.

For now, the Custom Double Dip Case is only available through the HTC US online store for $29.99. However, if you like the original Double Dip, you can go to the HTC SEA store and get it there.


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