With increasingly more people spending time at home, it only makes sense to make that sacred space more comfortable. Humidifiers and aroma diffusers have been around for some time now, but with these difficult times where we have to be extra careful about sanitation, it’s such a convenience to have both of those things combined into a single device that also happens to have built-in anti-bacterial UV features! So not only can you improve the quality of your sleep, but you’ll be doing it in a number of ways that affect both comfort and health!

The Cherry Anti-Bacterial UV Humidifier still serves as a humidifier, vibrating at a higher frequency to create a finer mist. That way, you get benefits such as congestion relief and helping moisturize dehydrated skin. You can also use it with your essential oils, so you can replicate the scent of that last hotel lobby you visited a year or two ago when most of us could still travel. It certainly doesn’t hurt that it has a 4L capacity, meaning you could set this out for almost the whole day and not worry about all the water evaporating.

Of course, where the Anti-Bacterial UV Humidifier really brings value is its built-in sterilization through UVC. That way, you can be sure the mist it outputs is safe for even your loved ones to breathe.

Though of course, keep in mind, this is not an air purifier, but certainly a much safer and healthier alternative to a popular home appliance for just Php2,490.


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