Just Mobile AluCable USB-C to USB-C Cable

With more and more devices coming out with the USB-C ports, it will soon be time to stock up on compatible new cables. If I had to choose just one cable to go with though, it would probably be the Just Mobile AluCable USB-C to USB-C Cable. Just Mobile is an award-winning accessory maker known for their sleek and elegant accessories and even with something as mundane as a cable, they hold nothing back.

AluCable USB-C to USB-C Cable

The AluCable USB-C to USB-C Cable isn’t an ordinary cable hiding underneath a premium aluminum finish. Underneath that sheen is heavy duty shielding and reinforced molding for extra durability that you won’t find from CDR-King. This is one premium cable that’s perfect when paired with the new Macbook. It’s a bit pricey though. It’s priced $29.95 or roughly Php1.4k after straight conversion, but if you only had to buy one last cable that should last as long as your gadget, it’s this one.


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