Neckband-style Bluetooth headsets are still a little weird for me, but LG continues to out them every year at least for the time being. Their newest LG Tone Studio is even weirder than the usual though as it’s more than just a neckband headset. It actually doubles as a wearable pair of speakers!

In addition to the buds at each end of the Tone Studio, there are a couple of full range speakers on top and another two vibrating speakers on the bottom. This allows it to deliver an immersive personal surround sound experience. It has even been calibrated by sound experts at DTS and has a Hi-Fi DAC to help recreate sound as accurately as possible.

The LG Tone Studio is just one of the neckband-style audio products the South Korean electronics company will be unveiling at CES. No doubt it will be one of the most interesting though.


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