Are you looking for a new set of high end earphones? Maxell has recently launched their “M” series earphones, consisting of the MXH-DBA700, MXH-DD600 and MXH-CA200. Each of these earphones are designed based on new technology and acoustic theory, allowing them to produce superior audio compared to anything else in the market.

Maxell MXH-DBA700

Maxell MXH-DBA700

The Maxell MXH-DBA700 features a dynamic driver that is positioned slanting in the back and a balanced armature in front. This combination allows it to produce a strong and rich mid/low frequency and a high resolution, high frequency band. Coupled with a horn-shaped design that channels sound directly into the ears to maximize driver performance, you get uncompromising sound. Price: Php6,299

Maxell MXH-DD600

Maxwell MXH-DD600

The Maxell MXH-DD600 features the same horn-shaped design as the more expensive MXH-DBA. However, it utilizes two dynamic drivers: a 6mm driver in front for the mid/high frequency band and an 8mm driver in the back for the powerful low frequency sound. Price: Php4,499

Maxell MXH-CA200

Maxell MXH-CA200 Red

The Maxell MXH-CA200 is the entry-level earphones of the M Series. It features a single 9mm driver to deliver great sound quality all the way down to the low frequencies. Rather than a horn design, it features a double-cone aluminum body that is lightweight and rigid, reducing unwanted resonance. It also comes in 8 distinctive colors so you can accessorize them with any outfit. Price: Php1,099

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