Xiaomi to Come Out with Mi Power Bank 16,000mAh!

Mi Power Bank 16,000mAh

As if the 10,400mAh power bank didn’t have enough capacity, it seems Xiaomi, the Top 3 smartphone manufacturer in the world, isn’t content. News is swirling that the Chinese phone maker will soon be coming out with an even higher capacity Mi power bank 16,000mAh. With that kind of juice available to you at any given time, that would be enough to let you go a week without ever having to plug into a power outlet.

While a Xiaomi 16,000mAh power bank might seem like overkill, many mid-high end smartphones have battery capacities of 2,000mAh or more. There are even a couple of phones that I know of that have 5,000mAh batteries. And of course, many people have more than one gadget. With as many families these days that have a smartphone and tablet per family member, having something like this on a road trip would be a huge convenience.

The downside would be the unimaginably long charging time though. My 8,000mAh power bank can take around 6 hours to reach full charge at home. So you would have to leave the Mi power bank 16,000mAh plugged in the evening so it would be ready by the time you wake up.

The Mi 16,000mAh power bank is expected to see a release on November 11 in Xiaomi’s motherland of China. Official pricing is said to be at 129 yuan ($21), but it will first be sold at a special introductory pricing of 99 yuan ($16). So if you missed out on the Mi power bank 10,400, waiting for the 16,000mAh might not be a bad idea.


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