With so many expensive flasks out there, it’s great to see some budget options that won’t obliterate your wallet. The Cherry Flask comes in 32oz and 40oz sizes for just Php 750 and Php 850, respectively and can keep your drinks cool for up to 24 hours! That’s just as good as the big name flasks! If that wasn’t good enough though, you now have the option to personalize your Cherry Flask too! Here’s how!

  1. Select a color from the following choices: Breeze Blue, Obsidian Black, Phantom Gray, Pop Violet, Bubble Gum Pink, and Varsity Blue for the 32oz. Meanwhile, you may choose from Breeze Blue, Obsidian Black, Phantom Gray, Pop Violet, and Valentine Pink for the 40oz.
  2. Simply checkout your order from Cherry Shop PH and a CHERRY representative will immediately contact you for the custom text and your color of choice. Make sure to choose the one with a ‘PERSONALIZED’ tag on the product name so as not to confuse with the regular flasks.
  3. For orders via the Cherry Viber Community, just send a message to the Cherry PH (Community) group, indicating your number of order/s, preferred color, and other details for the custom print.
  4. Only a MAXIMUM OF 8 LETTERS per name is allowed.

So what are you guys waiting for? Head on over to the Cherry Shop to get your own personalized Cherry Flask!

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