Qube 42 Inch Smart TV with Full HD and Android Priced at Php18,999

Qube 42 Inch Smart TV Front

I’m all about deals and I know one when I see one. Ever thought you could get a 42 inch Smart TV for less than Php20k? Me neither. And we’re not talking about something from Chinese brands like Pensonic or Fukuda.

The Qube 42 Inch Smart TV features Full HD resolution and runs Android 4.0. Yeah, it isn’t the most updated version of Android, but this is a TV we’re talking about and running Android means you have access to a whole ecosystem of apps that you can install on this TV. In fact, some of the most popular apps are already preinstalled on it, including Adobe Flash, YouTube, Yahoo Messenger, Plants vs Zombies, and Angry Birds Space.

Qube 42 Inch Smart TV Side

In addition, there are the typical TV specs that include a 60hz frame rate, 330cd/m2 max brightness, and 3,000:1 max contrast ratio. There’s also a  slew of ports that include HDMI, VGA, Component Video, S-Video, RCA Input/Output, RF, an earphone jack and USB.

What isn’t specified however is the processor/storage configuration, although we do know that it runs on 512MB RAM. To be honest, I’m not expecting world-beater specs on the Android side of things. If the Qube 42 inch Smart TV allows me the flexibility of connecting a hard drive and playing videos using MX Player for maximum compatibility, I’m all for it.

Qube 42 Inch Smart TV Back

Of course, Qube isn’t the most established of brands and I’m assuming they resell OEM products under their own name much in the same way that local phone brands like Cherry Mobile and MyPhone do with phones. But at least it’s one that has locally made a name for itself selling computer packages and peripherals and can provide support in case something breaks down. After all, where else can you get a 42″ Full HD LED TV with Smart capabilities at that price? All in all, it looks like a great deal.

Source: Qube

3 thoughts on “Qube 42 Inch Smart TV with Full HD and Android Priced at Php18,999

  1. AWESOME PRICE FOR THE SIZE! It has the necessary specs to go with the smarts. I’ll drop by their branch in SM Cebu to check it out.

  2. I have the same TV but we lost some pre installed apps for some reason. The preinstalled youtube app was so useful for us and I can’t seem to find an apk that works to reinstall it in the system. Do you happen to know how I can reinstall youtube on it? thanks

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