We’re just a few hours away from Christmas and if you haven’t been able to buy something special for everyone on your list yet, here are some great last minute gift ideas from Cherry! They recently just released three new products to expand their portfolio and all of them are surprisingly affordable!

Cherry Home Portable Cutlery Set

While things are starting to look like normal again, it still isn’t encouraged to go out if you don’t have to. When you do though, there’ll be times when you might end up at a roadside carinderia, questioning yourself if you trust someone else’s spoons and forks enough to risk using them. Or perhaps you’ve bought take out and the plastic utensils are too flimsy to cut into that yummy looking Chickenjoy. It’s exactly for times like these when it pays to gift something like the Cherry Home Portable Cutlery Set. These compact utensils consist of a spoon, fork, and knife made from high grade stainless steel. They’re also dishwasher-friendly if you’re fortunate to have one of those as well. To complete the set, it comes with a silicone storage that’s just as compact! Price: Php 350

Cherry Flask

Another perfect gift idea is the Cherry Flask. It can be difficult to trust any water source that you don’t control, so why not just fill up at home so you don’t have to worry if your office’s water dispenser is being properly sanitized? Or if you’re working from home, it pays to have a large capacity flask so you always remember to stay hydrated! It’s super durable, being made with 18-8 Pro-Grade Stainless Steel and is insulated so your cold drinks stay cold and your hot drinks stay hot. It also comes in a number of colors, such as Obsidian Black, Pop Violet, and Phantom Gray! Price: Php 750 for the 32oz variant / Php 850 for the 40oz variant

Cherry Sonic Toothbrush

I personally suffer from dental problems in my mid-30s, which is probably the result of bad dental hygiene habits. Though I used to have an electric toothbrush, it used AA batteries, which meant I couldn’t use it for a day while the batteries were charging. And if I didn’t have rechargeable AA batteries, I’d have to do a grocery run just to be able to use it. Thankfully, the Cherry Sonic Toothbrush is a great new budget alternative that can be recharged via an internal battery. It features 3 different modes depending on your comfort level and has an LED indicator to take the guesswork out of how much battery is left. Price: Php 499

So there you have it. 3 simple gift ideas that are perfect for anyone these days and if you’ve run out of ideas. What do you guys think? If any of them tickle your fancy, check them out at the Cherry Shop!

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