We’re two years into the new normal but Air Fryers are proving to be more than a fad. Though they can be pretty inexpensive, features could be a bit bare bones. These days though, not only are they a healthy means of cooking, but they can be smarter and easier too! Cherry has a couple of them to choose from, the Cherry Digital Air Fryer, as well as the Cherry Digital Air Fryer AF200. Which one is for you though?

Cherry Digital Air Fryer AF200

The AF200 features a large 12L capacity, which makes it great not only if you have a large family, but if you like to entertain as well. The Rotisserie Spit and Fetch Tool, not to mention Sewer Sets will also allow you to cook anything from kebabs to fulls size roasted chickens. Naturally, it comes with built-in cooking presets as well as a crystal clear viewing window that help take the thought out of cooking while allowing you to easily monitor how much more time is needed to cook your food.

Despite its large capacity and top-tier features, the Cherry Digital Air Fryer AF200 is just Php7,000!

Cherry Digital Air Fryer

While smaller than the AF200, the Cherry Digital Air Fryer can still cook for a family of 3-4 people with its 4.5L capacity. A digital touch panel makes for easy operation and gives you access to seven cooking presets. It’s also a fairly affordable starter air fryer at just Php3,990, or even an upgrade if you initially started out with dumber air fryer to begin with.

So whether you’re a social butterfly or prefer to cook for more intimate settings or gatherings, there’s a Cherry Digital Air Fryer for you!

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