Xiaomi Piston 3 Pro Headset Priced at a Sweet $22!


It seems like only yesterday when the original Xiaomi Pistons came out. The Chinese company has diversified its product portfolio since then and released several iterations of their popular Piston headsets. Now, it’s the Xiaomi Piston 3 Pro’s turn at the spotlight, and boy is it a deal at just CNY 149 or $22. To us Pinoys, that would mean just about Php1,070.

Of course, assuming Xiaomi ever resumes releasing their phones over here, that sweet price will likely get a bit of a hike. Still, the Piston 3 Pro has been optimized to deliver awesome sound within a limited amount of space and features a diamond-cut aluminum sound chamer and anodized surface, as well as a Graphene diaphragm to produce a more natural sound. They’re also curved at a 45-degree angle so the buds can maintain their grip inside the ears. For controlling playback, the affordable headset comes with an in-line remote to let you play, pause, or skip tracks.

[Via: Android Authority]

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