Friday, February 28, 2020

The $6,000 Leica M-D is for Hardcore Photography Purists Only!

Leica M-D

If you’re a photography purist who hates having to wade through the endless menus and features today’s cameras come with, the newly announced Leica M-D may be for you — that is, if you can afford its $6,000 price tag. For roughly Php282k after straight conversion, you get a 24mp CMOS sensor and Leica’s home-baked Maestro image sensor. The downside though is it does away with probably 9 out of 10 features you would expect on any modern camera.


The Leica M-D comes with no screen or other means for viewing and previewing your images before or after taking a shot. It’s even devoid of any menu system to navigate its settings. What it does come with is a set of physical controls for the basics: shutter speed, aperture, ISO, etc.

The weirdness doesn’t stop there. The M-D can only capture images, not video. Not only that, but it only saves in RAW DNG format, which is uncompressed, allowing you to save as much information as possible for post-processing later on. Of course, that means each image will also take up significantly more storage space, as opposed to JPEG, which is a more compressed format.

Leica claims it wants to bring back the joy and anticipation of waiting to see how your pictures turn out. To me though, it’s being marketed to people with more money than sense. But hey, it’s a Leica.


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