Qube X-Cam Sports Camera is a Budget Action Cam for Just Php3,990!

Qube X-Cam Sports Camera Front and Back

Action cameras are all the rage these days because they’re small, portable, and can be used to catch shots or video of any subject or situation given the right accessory. The only downside is they can be pretty expensive. Well, the Qube X-Cam Sports Camera looks to change that, bringing relatively decent imaging specs at a surprisingly affordable price point of just Php3,990!

The Qube X-Cam Sports Camera records videos at 1080p Full HD and takes 12mp stills. However, the images are actually just interpolated up from 2mp, so you won’t end up with the most detailed photos if you decide to blow them up. The sensor is an Omnivision OV2710 though, which is popular among surveillance camera manufacturers. You benefit from great low light sensitivity (if the brochure is to be believed) and a 170 degree field of view.

Qube X-Cam Sports Camera Accessories


The camera itself is just half the story though. It’s often the accessories that make or break an action camera, and the Qube X-Cam Sports Camera is set to offer a decent selection of them. There’s a basic Quick Clip for easy attachment in most situations. There’s also a Handle Bar Mount and Helmet Side Mount for those cool POV extreme videos you see on YouTube. Finally, there’s the Waterproof Housing for when you want to record video on your next snorkeling adventure.

At Php3,990 for the basic package that includes an 8GB SD card, the Qube X-Cam Sports Camera is a pretty awesome value. Having just come from a vehicular accident, I’ve been itching to get a GoPro, but this just might make the perfect alternative. I’m not sure if the package already includes the accessories, but I’m crossing my fingers that it does. Looking to get one for yourself? The X-Cam Sports Camera is now available at Qube’s website.





5 responses to “Qube X-Cam Sports Camera is a Budget Action Cam for Just Php3,990!”

  1. Ferdinand Marte Avatar
    Ferdinand Marte

    is the video interpolated as well or it’s really 1080P???

    1. JMBalicano Avatar

      nope, natively supported naman ang 1080p video recording.

      1. Ferdinand Marte Avatar
        Ferdinand Marte

        ok. here’s hoping you’ll get one and post sample Full HD vids.

  2. ni_lus Avatar

    Is this a rebranded sj4000 wifi?

  3. Bj Hernandez Avatar
    Bj Hernandez

    can you post a sample video? and can you do a comparison between this and gopro?

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