Another year, another Supremo. Kimstore has been bringing in these budget action cameras for a few years now, starting with the original Supremo One, then the Supremo 4K that I had the pleasure of reviewing. That was then followed up by the Supremo 4K Plus and now we have the Supremo Conquest. As its predecessors, the Supremo Conquest is priced at just Php3,880 when you buy it from Kimstore. For the money you’re getting a budget action camera that can take up 20mp stills and 4K video at 24fps.

Above are a couple of sample shots that showcases the still image quality of the Conquest.

No doubt, the Supremo Conquest will already come with a lot of its own accessories, such as mounts and straps and whatnot. However, you can also get the optional Supremo Supreme bundle for Php1,199, which will give you a 32GB Apricot Micro SD card, Supremo carrying case, Supremo dual battery charger, and the Jackpod, which is basically a monopod for action cameras. If you get the bundle, they’ll also throw in a Supremo drawstring bag and tabletop tripod!  To learn more about the Supremo Conquest, head on over to Kimstore’s Facebook post.

Disclaimer: No, I am not getting paid for this, nor was this in collaboration with Kimstore. 


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