The Jumper EZpad 5S is a Microsoft Surface Knockoff I’d Like to See on Local Shelves

Jumper EZpad 5S

While tablet sales have been declining, 2-in-1 tablets have actually been growing in popularity, especially with so many low-cost options coming from Chinese ODMs. While the Jumper EZpad 5S is unlikely to find itself on Philippine retailer shelves, it gives us a pretty good glimpse of what we can expect our local brands to start bringing to our market. You’re getting a 11.6 inch Windows 10 tablet that quickly converts into a productivity notebook thanks to its nifty keyboard dock.

Of course, for its price, the specs aren’t exactly stellar. The screen is awesome as it’s a Full HD display, however the chipset is a serviceable but anemic 1.44GHz Intel Cherry Trail Z8300. Thankfully, you get 4GB RAM and a reasonable 64GB of internal storage. And if needed, you can use the microSD expansion to increase storage as needed.

The Jumper EZpad 5S is pretty affordable at $239.99, but keep in mind that this is without the keyboard dock. To have the dock included, you’d have to shell out $355.33. Also, since it’s not available locally, you’ll need to buy it via international online stores. Of course, I’m not expecting to see this locally, but hopefully, this or something like it will be picked up by our local brands.

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