With most folks being stuck in the coop these days, people are increasingly turning to gaming as a pastime. Laptop makers are finding it increasingly difficult to stand out. Lenovo Legion’s recent stab at separating themselves from the competition is certainly interesting with the introduction of the Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3i, Legion 5i, Legion 5i Pro, and Legion 7i. Here’s what you can look forward to.

Lenovo Legion 7i

Top of the line in this series is the Lenovo Legion 7i. Equipped with the latest Intel processor and RTX 3080, this wicked gaming laptop will rip through any game you throw at it. Interestingly, it also has a WQXGA 2560 x 1600 resolution display, giving it a 16:10 aspect ratio. This means users get a bit of vertical screen real estate, which content creators will likely appreciate. The Legion 7i is available in Storm Grey and starts at Php 169,995.

Lenovo Legion 5i Pro

White gaming gear is a thing these days and thanks to a surprising decision by Lenovo, they’ve opted to bring the Legion 5i Pro to the Philippines in the Stingray White color option. Of course, you’re still getting the latest 11th Gen Core i7 processor coupled with an RTX 3070 GPU. It also features a 16 inch QHD display in a 16:10 aspect ration, which again, content creators are sure to appreciate. Price: Php 124,995.

Lenovo Legion 5i

So maybe you’re a gamer who’s decided to take the next step in playing competitively. A great upgrade choice is the Lenovo Legion 5i, which is equipped with an 11th Gen Intel H-series processor and an RTX 3060. It comes with Lenovo’s new Nahimic 3D audio and the Legion TrueStrike Keyboard, not to mention a 15″ QHD IPS display with a 165Hz refresh rate. Available in either Phantom Blue or Stingray White, the Legion 5i starts at Php 72,995.

Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3i

If you’re looking for a functional laptop that isn’t a slouch when it comes to gaming, the IdeaPad Gaming 3i makes for an excellent budget choice. You can get it with up to a Core i7 processor and RTX 3000 Series GPU, along with a 165 Hz Full HD display. Available in Shadow Black, the IdeaPad Gaming 3i starts at Php 59,995.

Other Features

In case you didn’t already know, this latest lineup of gaming laptops is equipped with the latest Intel Core H-series processors and RTX 3000 Series GPUs, among other things.

  • 11th Generation Intel Core H-Series Processors – Lenovo has decided to equip their latest lineup of gaming laptops with 11th Generation Intel Core H-Series Processors, which finally made the jump from Intel’s aging 14nm architecture down to 10nm and are relatively well-reviewed.
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX – Aside from using Intel chips, Lenovo has equipped this lineup with RTX 3000 Series GPUs, meaning you’ll be able to take in-game realism to new heights thanks to Ray Tracing 2.0!
  • Lenovo Vantage – While there are a lot of gamers these days, not all of them are power users who already know what to do to optimize their machine’s performance. Lenovo Vantage makes this more accessible by allowing you to quickly optimize your settings in a jiff so you can quickly get back to gaming.
  • Lenovo Q-Control – A lot of gaming laptops feature some sort of one-click optimization feature. For Lenovo, it’s the Q-Control feature that leverages the AI-driven software through Lenovo Vantage’s Legion Edge to quickly and intelligently overclock both the CPU and GPU to reduce in-game lag and improve frame rates.
  • Legion AI Engine  – The Legion AI Engine allows your hardware, software, firmware, and driver support to work together to help overclock performance by sharing TDP or Thermal Design Power between the CPU and GPU to more effectively manage power requirements while gaming.

If any of these laptops tickle your gaming fancy, just know that every purchase of a Legion X60 laptop will also be bundled with a Legion Active gaming backpack to accommodate your new toy. Check them out at Legion Exclusive Stores and authorized resellers, as well as on Lazada.


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