It’s simply amazing just how powerful the tech that finds itself in our hands nowadays. However, one thing that most people overlook is after sales service, or even the lack thereof. It’s one thing for the average person to have something powerful at their fingertips. It’s another thing altogether to assume everyone knows how to use it.

Thankfully, Lenovo doesn’t stop at simply innovating their technology. They’ve even improved customer service. After all, not everyone has the same consumer journey with their gadgets. For as many power users as there are, there are probably 10 or 20 average users who need a little more help than most. Here are some sensible solutions Lenovo has come up with, that honestly, should really just be industry standard.

Premium Care

Migrating your data with the Lenovo Migration Assistant takes away the need for bulky external hard drives. It comes as part of Lenovo’s three-year warranty policy, which directs you to Lenovo technicians with your choice of 24/7 chat support through phone, e-mail, or even WhatsApp.

If the issue can’t be solved with remote assistance, you can easily schedule appointments for on-site support instead, eliminating the hassle of traveling to a service center and waiting in line.

If you’re a tech newbie or just experiencing tougher roadblocks than usual connecting external devices, you can also get in touch with Lenovo technicians and ask for advice. Apart from high-level hardware support, technicians can also answer questions about software applications. To top it all off, Lenovo also offers annual PC Health Check that allows experts to spot issues to help you avoid PC problems.

Accidental Damage Protection

After dropping a ton of money on a brand-new Lenovo device, the last thing you want is an unfortunate accident that compromises your device and the data stored in it. As anything can happen, having a security blanket is key.

From accidental drops, spills, bumps to structural failures including electrical surges, Lenovo’s Accidental Damage Protection offers in-person assistance. Trained technicians can perform comprehensive diagnostic tests on-site and make quick fixes using Lenovo-Qualified parts to reduce the need for more intensive repairs.

With Accidental Damage Protection, as long as your computer isn’t damaged beyond repair, your own PC is returned. If repair is not possible, the entire system will be replaced at no additional charge to you.

Lenovo’s unparalleled Premium Care Services is available on IdeaPad Slim series, IdeaPad Slim 5 Pro series and all Yoga devices for three years while Accidental Damage Protection is available in all 2022 (Gen 7) models of IdeaPad Slim 5 series, Yoga, and Legion devices. Devices with older warranties could be updated with Accidental Damage Protection through authorized Lenovo resellers.

Legion Ultimate Support

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First launched in March 2021, Legion Ultimate Support is the only gamer-centric support service among competitors with 24/7 access via phone, chat, or email to technicians who are armed with gamer-centric knowledge such as hardware optimization, software assistance, in-game settings for some of the most popular AAA games and more. It also includes on-site support and fast repairs for those tricky problems and overall technical support to keep the device running in tip-top shape.

Elite level Lenovo technicians have a wealth of product knowledge to keep Legion devices at 100% performance, 100% of the time. This ensures you can expect no lags, no freezes, and no glitches, just high performance all throughout the day and night on their device.

Today, Lenovo Legion 2022 (Gen 7) devices are more than just standard PCs. With three-year Legion Ultimate Support, you’re guaranteed the complete Legion experience.

Getting the best value for money when it comes to devices shouldn’t stop at the latest new features and specifications. With Lenovo, users not only get to enjoy a wide offering of powerful and innovative technology, but they also have the privilege of unparalleled, reliable Support Services that cover everything needed to keep the product running across its lifecycle.

The latest generation of Lenovo devices are available in all Lenovo Exclusive Stores and authorized resellers For more information, follow Lenovo Philippines’ official Facebook page.

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