Would You Buy a 32GB MyPhone Infinity?

MyPhone Infinity Screen

As some of you local phone enthusiasts might now, the MyPhone Infinity has a bit of a limitation. It only comes with 16GB internal storage. It isn’t expandable. Well, MyPhone recently hosted a Blogger’s Conference a couple of days ago and Edriangelo Paule was able to attend it for me. Naturally, being a gadget enthusiast, he knew about the Infinity’s limitations and was able to bring it up with the folks at MyPhone.

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Unfortunately because of design constraints, MyPhone wouldn’t be able to add a micro SD slot to the Infinity, but bumping the storage up from 16GB to 32GB is a simple matter of swapping out the memory to a bigger capacity. Now, MyPhone is certainly aware of some of the negative feedback the Infinity has been receiving and they’re genuinely interested in offering a 32GB model at a slightly higher price. So they asked Gelo to conduct a survey to help them out, which you can answer by clicking on the link below. So how about it? Would you guys be willing to buy a 32GB MyPhone Infinity at a slightly higher price?

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3 responses to “Would You Buy a 32GB MyPhone Infinity?”

  1. INFINITY Avatar

    Yes, mas kailangan naten ng 32gb.. Why? una para hindi maabuso ang device.. 16gb or 14gb(real life) to be exact, plus kakain pa ng around 1.5gb-2gb ang OS, baleh 12GB nalang ang user’s memory.. plus kain ng 16mp camera? with 6mb each pics? plus 16mp videos? anyare na sa APPS? MUSICS? MOVIES? GAMES? DOCUMENTS? nasagad na ang 12gb? ngayon alam naman naten na kapag nasagad ang memory ng isang device.. nag iistart na itong bumagal hindi ba? at para maiwasan natin ang gantong problema, nid talaga naten ng malaking storage.. 32gb or 28gb to be exact.. kakain ng 2gb ang os, now we have 25-26gb? then lets spare another 5gb as space para makahinga ang ating unit.. now we have 20gb user’s memory.. not bad for all user’s ๐Ÿ™‚ some say 16gb is enough with OTG capability.. but 32gb with OTG is BEAST! maraming salamat hoh^^ have a nice day and Godbless ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. INFINITY Avatar

    at isa pa.. magpunta ka lng sa google at mag search ng mga blogs, mga techwebsites.. makikita mo ang mga comment ng tao dun na disappointed sa 16gb, marame nagsasabe na kung 32gb lng to, talagang bibilin nila, pero ung iba napupush sa ibang brands like THL, XIAOMI, CHERRY MOB infinity, STARMOB etc. which is not as good as the quality myphone devices have.. kaya deal breaker talaga para sa karamihan ang 16gb.. dahil verygood specs, verygood build quality(solid), and verygood service centers plus verygood devs on fbpages but for the storage? infinite capabilities, with small storage ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Jessie Avatar

    Myphone user ako.. I love myphone ,recently lang bumili ako noong nag sale sila ng Myphone Icecy…pina ka gusto ko is yung camera nya..malinaw but di ganoo maganda kuha pag gabie mahina ang flash other than that maganda talaga… Etong Myphone infinity maganda talaga ang review but nag aalangan akong gumastos ng 10k pataas pag local brands … pero pag mag sale din eto ng 8990 siguro bibili ako hihih… if around 13k pwede ka rin maka bili ng LG nexus 4 and also S3 LTE na mas mabilis ang mga software updates… pero kudos pa din Myphone !!! no to C***** MOBILES ๐Ÿ˜›

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