Solar Daybreak Guesting

MobileTechPinoy Invades Solar Daybreak!

In case you missed it, I was invited as a guest on Solar Daybreak last Thursday to talk about gadget trends to expect in 2014. I was a little nervous at first since. It was just my 2nd TV appearance, and this one was being aired live for crying out loud. Anyway, I got the chance to talk about the Braven 855s and Cherry Mobile Flare HD really quick while I was there. Feel free to check out the video where I make my appearance at the 3:38 mark 🙂





2 responses to “MobileTechPinoy Invades Solar Daybreak!”

  1. Ferdinand Marte Avatar
    Ferdinand Marte

    Looking great there JMB.

    1. JMBalicano Avatar

      Hey, thanks man 🙂

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