No ICS Update for LG Optimus 2X and Optimus Black

Optimus 2X: No ICS for You

Well here’s some bad news for Optimus 2X and Black users out there: after 9 long months of waiting, your phones are not going to be receiving the much awaited ICS update after all. Yup, you heard it. According to LG Canada, neither phone will be receiving the update despite a promise by LG for a Q3 release.

Saying that blows is an understatement. Some of you might remember (especially Optimus 2X owners) that back when ICS was originally released, LG issued a statement that the Optimus 2X would not be receiving the update. Of course, there was an outcry among 2X owners on LG’s Facebook page, especially since the combination dual core CPU and 512Mb of RAM on the 2X should have been enough for ICS to run properly. Heck, even the dinky little HTC Desire C can run ICS despite a feeble 600Mhz CPU. Because of that, LG was forced to rethink its position and came out a few days later to announce that they would indeed be working on an ICS update, ultimately promising a Q2 release date, then pushing it back to Q3. Now, it seems that the Korean manufacturer has gone full circle and abandoned development for the update altogether.

This is a real disgrace to LG customers, especially those who bought what was then a flagship phone, expecting that the 2X would be future-proofed for at least one or two updates. Even the Optimus Black with its single core 1Ghz CPU and 512Mb of RAM should have been sufficient enough to deserve an upgrade. All is not lost though. It isn’t clear yet if this is to be limited to Canada only, or if it means that all versions of the 2X and Black will remain stuck on Gingerbread 2.3. Also, Optimus 2X and Black owners can still go the custom ROM route for a Vanilla Android experience without all the crapware and Optimus UI to bog the system down.

Source: LG Canada via GSMArena and PhoneArena

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