Oppo Find 7 Will Sport 2K Resolution Screen, What the Hell For, Nobody Knows

Oppo Find 5
Oppo Find 5

While the Oppo Find 5 didn’t make as many waves here locally, it was the first phone to market with a Full HD screen. Now its successor the Oppo Find 7 is set to make its arrival in the international market soon, and the Chinese company is spilling the beans on some of the specs to generate some hype. The most recently revealed Oppo Find 7 specs according to an officially released teaser graphic is that it will feature a 2K resolution screen.

Oppo Find 7 2K Screen Teaser

What does 2K stand for? Well, if HD stands for 720 x 1,280 and Full HD stands for 1,080 x 1,920, 2K stands for a staggering 1,440 x 2560. That’s some eye-bleeding resolution right there and is usually seen on larger high end desktop screens and LED TVs, not small mobile devices. The clarity would be so much sharper than today’s mobile phones with Full HD screens that it would no longer be perceptible.

The actual screen size is still a mystery though. Initial rumors had it pegged at 5.7 or 7 inches, but International Markets Manager Carl Pei said otherwise. In all likelihood, it will probably be a 5 inch screen, which would give it a clarity of 587ppi if that’s the case. This then begs the question, what the hell are you going to do with a screen that’s so much sharper than the competition that you can’t perceive the difference? For bragging rights, of course!

Stupid paper spec aside, the rest of the Oppo Find 7’s specs are yet to be revealed. That isn’t stopping the rumor mill though. The Find 7 is anticipated to be powered by the 2.5GHz Snapdragon 805 processor, which is one of the few that are optimized for 2K screens and 4K video capture and playback. It is also expected to come packed with 3GB RAM, a 13mp rear camera and 5mp front camera. Thinking of grabbing the Oppo Find 7 when it finally comes out?

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  1. Ferdinand Marte Avatar
    Ferdinand Marte

    Maybe it means it will be priced P2,000.00!!!!!! That will surely drive all the other brands out of the market.

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