Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Rainfall Leo 2012: One-stop Resource for the August 2012 Flood in the Philippines

Hi, guys. I’ve been meaning to post this since yesterday when most of you may have actually needed it but I live in Marikina, which was a flood alert area itself so I had to help out around the house and carry our belongings to the 2nd floor just in case the waters got too high. Thankfully, it never did flood around here, but other Marikeños and the rest of Manila wasn’t as lucky. And they need your help.

Rainfall Leo 2012 contains crowd-sourced information for all things related to the August 2012 flood.

It can be hard to get the specific information you need whether you want to donate, volunteer, or even need rescued. Rainfall Leo 2012 is a one-stop resource for all information you need relating to the August 2012 flood. You can get crowd-sourced information on emergency numbers to contact, how to become a volunteer or donate, and even how to call for help through Twitter.

If you’re curious about the name, it’s because there was no clear way of naming this particular flood since it wasn’t a result of a tropical storm the way Ondoy was back in September of 2009. Thus, the site’s founder decided to call the site Rainfall Leo 2012 since the heavy rainfall occurred during the Zodiac sign of the lion.

Anyway, to get started donating, volunteering or calling for help, just visit their site here or by clicking the screenshot image above.

Via: TechNoodling.net

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