SKK Mobile Looking to Compete with Local Phone Brands

A lot of you might not have noticed this, but there’s another player trying to make it in the local budget smartphone market and go up against the likes of Cherry Mobile, MyPhone, Starmobile and Oplus. I’ve been seeing SKK Mobile stalls sprouting up in some of the malls that I’ve been to recently, but I never gave a thought to taking a look at them until Edriangelo Paule, a past tipster, sent me this photo.

SKK Mobile Phoenix TabletThe specs of the SKK Mobile Phoenix won’t wow anyone, but it does manage to come with a dual core CPU, dual cameras, Bluetooth and a built-in TV tuner at Php4,999! The WVGA is a downer though as that kind of resolution belongs on 4 inch phones, not 7 inch tablets. Still, I was intrigued since I through SKK Mobile only offered feature phones, so I decided to pay their Facebook page a visit.

SKK Mobile Android Lineup 2013
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To my surprise, they did in fact have a full range of Android phones, and while the specs might belong to last year’s budget smartphones, the pricing is still very competitive. The SKK Mobile Radiance is especially appealing with its 4.7 inch qHD display, dual core processor, 8mp camera and Php5,999 price tag. Not bad!

I should mention that almost their entire Android smartphone lineup comes with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean out of the box. That’s pretty impressive since other similarly specced phones from other local brands are still stuck on ICS 4.0 or have buggy Jelly Bean 4.1 firmware. Their tablet lineup isn’t as impressive though, but if you’re looking for an affordable gift for one of the kids, it’s hard to beat their prices. Check out the SKK Mobile Facebook page here if you guys are interested.

10 thoughts on “SKK Mobile Looking to Compete with Local Phone Brands

  1. I’ve had SKK Mobile Phoenix for a month now, wala pa naman akong nae encounter na problems aside sa matagal siyang magcharge(at least 4-5 hours). Pero matagal din ang buhay ng battery niya, for texts and occasional gaming lang, umaabot ng 3 days yung battery ko. Soft touch na din siya at ang pinaka gusto kong feature is may tv siya and Dual sim 🙂

      1. Depende po kung nasaan area ka, pero based sa experience ko, mas malakas pa din po sumagap yung tv ng myphone.

  2. Yes, i’ve seen this brand come out weeks ago…alas that 7 incher’s reso does not impress. I’ve already got a 4.7 incher so no interest there. I just hope that they grow confident enough to invite bloggers to review their lineup. Paging SKK – send your latest to Mobiletechpinoy, asap, so that JM can do a review.

  3. I’ve also noticed another downside of this tablet, hanggang EDGE lang po yung nasasagap niyang connection, meaning mabagal. So I’ve purchased a 3G Pocket Wifi sa CDR-king na lang, kaya eto, solve solve na. hehehehe naka 32GB na memory card na din ako. Ok pa din naman performance nung Tab, hindi naman naglalag. 🙂

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