Up to 30% Off Mall Price On the Latest Gadgets? You Better Believe It

Everyone wants to own a flagship device like the Galaxy S III or the iPhone 4S. However, the prices are so prohibitive that not everyone can easily afford them. But what if I told you there’s a way to get your dream phone for up to 30% off on the mall price while still getting it brand new? And it’s not just limited to phones, as you can also buy tablets, digital cameras, DSLRs and accessories, among other things. Interested yet? Here are 4 online stores you should start shopping from right now for all your gadget needs.

The Top Online Gadget Stores in the Country

Well, before I continue, it’s important to mention a bit of a catch. Aside from not having any overhead costs to worry about, one of the main reasons they can offer their gadgets so cheap is because some, but not all, offer them with a service warranty only, rather than a full parts AND service warranty. You can still request for a full warranty though if you want, although you’d still have to shell out a but more. But the great thing is that even if you go for a full warranty with some of these stores, their prices are still generally cheaper than SRP.

Okay, on to the top online gadget stores in the country..

Widget City Hub

They originally started out in Vigan City, Ilocos Sur as a retail trading business. Ever since they set up shop in Manila a couple of years ago, they have become the most recognizable online shop in the Philippines when it comes to gadgets. I personally did business with them when I got my Galaxy Note in January. At the time, the SRP for the note was Php35,999. I got mine brand new for just Php29,200 with a free Flip Cover. Syempre dinagdagan ko na din ng Php150 for a matte screen cover.

They generally only provide a service warranty, however they have offered the option for a parts and service warranty from time to time on certain gadgets. To check out their site, just click here.


DBGadgets is another popular online seller that prices their gadgets competitively against other sellers. Me and my girlfriend recently bought a Nikon D5100 from them (Php27,100 compared to Php 35,999 SRP at the time), and I got to talking with their messenger while he was demonstrating the camera to me at out meetup point. It turns out the owners of DBGadgets and Widget City Hub are brothers! I also got some insight on how small their profit margins are just to be able to price their gadgets competitively. He said their profit on the D5100 that I had just bought was only Php700. Wow.

Unlike Widget City Hub, they make it a point to offer either a service warranty or a parts and service warranty on most of their gadgets. You can find alternate pricing for both types of warranties on their website here.


Kimstore has actually been around since 2006, which is longer than either Widget City Hub or DBGadgets. They also offer a wide range of gadgets, from mobile phones, tablets, laptops, DSLRs, and the like. I never actually bought anything from them, but I had already heard about them before and had considered buying the Nikon D5100 from either them or DBGadgets (Widget City was selling it for Php27,800 at the time). I texted them at around 9pm, and as fate would have it, DBGadgets was the one that texted back. Someone from Kimstore called me back the next morning though to confirm if I would push through with the order. I actually appreciated that, however I was already on my way to meet up with DBGadgets’ messenger.
Similar to Widget City Hub, they mainly only offer a service warranty. What I like about them though is if they don’t have a particular item, they can order it for you while keeping costs minimal. Check out their store here.

CMK Cellphones

Finally, an online store worth considering is CMK Cellphones. I’ve never done business with them before but what I like about them is despite offering the standard full manufacturer’s parts and service warranty, they are still able to keep their prices much lower than SRP. This is great for people who want that added peace of mind after they have purchased their gadgets. Check out their site here.

Buying Etiquette

Okay, now keep in mind that buying online is different compared to buying directly from a physical establishment. The typical method for placing an order through these stores is a text message, which is easy enough. However, they do experience a high volume of text inquiries so be patient while waiting for a reply. Before texting in your order, read everything posted on their site about payment methods, meetup or shipping options, warranty information and other information regarding orders.

Make sure you text ahead by at least a day prior to your intended pickup date so they can verify if they have stocks on hand. Haggling is not encouraged since they have a low enough profit margin already. Lastly, once you have agreed on a meetup destination, make sure you arrive on time.

Happy shopping 🙂

Sources: Widget City Hub, DB Gadgets, Kimstore and CMK Cellphones

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