Alcatel isn’t one of the biggest or most established international brands, but they’ve been in the industry for a while. They’ve made a name for themselves by offering solid phones at reasonable prices. Well, it seems that the budget brand is readying a new addition to the One Touch Pop family of Android devices, and it’s looking like a tablet, at least according to one of @evleaks’ latest leaks.

Alcatel One Touch Pop Tablet

The notorious leakster recently leaked the image above on their Twitter account. The specs haven’t been revealed yet considering this isn’t even an official announcement, but it’s easy to see that the upcoming 7 inch One Touch Pop tablet will be coming in a range of colorful hues in addition black. There’s also word of a translucent flip cover, which sounds pretty neat. Hopefully, Alcatel will manage to fit a screen that is at least as good as the one on the One Touch Tab 7HD.

Source: @evleaks

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    my wishlist for this: IPS, direct to SD install, OTG, 1GB. Ok lang if dual-core, but quad gpu. All for P5K. If Alcatel grants my wish, I would buy two. Hey, Christmas bonus is just around the bend. So what say ye Alcatel?

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