Blackberry Z3 Jakarta

It appears that Blackberry isn’t ready to fade into the sunset just yet. N4BB recently posted a leaked render of the upcoming Blackberry Z3, which is codenamed Jakarta at the moment while it is still undergoing internal development prior to launch. N4BB also has a number of juicy details about the Blackberry Z3 Jakarta, particularly the specs.

The Blackberry Z3 is expected to feature a 540 x 960 display, 1.2GHz dual core processor, 1.5GB RAM and 8GB internal storage. It will also have dual cameras (5mp autofocus with 5x digital zoom, 1.1mp front camera with 3x digital zoom), and a massive 2,650mAh battery. The specs aren’t that impressive, but it addresses the budget segment that Blackberry has so far ignored with its newer handsets.

While there is no official announcement yet from Blackberry, the Z3 is expected to be revealed at the Mobile World Congress later this month in Barcelona, Spain. Blackberry is supposedly in the works with Foxconn, which is something Foxconn’s CEO admitted to a while back. Excited for what could be a more affordable Blackberry 10 handset? The month is almost over.


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