We’re inching closer to the Christmas season, which is typically when you see tech brands launch a whole bunch of new things. We’ve already seen other brands roll out new phones in time for the big 11.11 sales, but Cherry Mobile was content with a simply putting their previous phones on sale. The sale itself wasn’t bad, but it did have me worried if the local brand was rolling out their typical yearly refresh with a new Flare S9 Series. That is, until they revealed this teaser.


If this is from an official render, we can expect a couple of things once the Flare S9 Series officially launches. First, let’s get the obvious out of the way, which is likely to be a 21:9 or taller aspect ratio with a miniscule notch. Nothing groundbreaking here as it’s the norm for most smartphones today. You might question the actual notch, but if you play the video in full screen, it’s visible enough.

Next is a speaker grill, and though the positioning suggests there should be two on either side of a charging port, the video was just too intentionally dark to reveal those details.

So far, it’s still a little underwhelming, though just the possibility of a Flare S9 Series launch should be exciting enough for fans. Traditionally, Cherry Mobile has usually launched several phones under the Flare S line, with recent examples being a basic “S” model, then “S Pro” and “S Plus”.

There’s also one last curious detail, although this doesn’t relate to the phone itself, but rather the logo:

Though this obviously won’t have anything to do with performance, but could this be a logo they’ll be using exclusively for their Flare smartphones moving forward? Is it specifically for this series? Or is it indicative of a new performance-oriented lineup? These are just guesses at this point, but for now I’d just like to hope for great things from this local brand against the onslaught of compelling Chinese options.

Are you looking forward to the new Flare S9 Series? What do you want to see in the new phones? Let me know in the comments below!

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