If you’ve been itching to get a Galaxy Note 3 for the longest time but couldn’t afford one, Cherry Mobile looks to be coming out with something just for you. Earlier today, they posted a teaser image on Facebook, which could be a clue as to what their next smartphone offering will be. Check it out below 🙂

Cherry Mobile Galaxy Note

While you might argue that capacitive styluses (styli?) are pretty inexpensive and can be used even on phones that don’t originally come with a smartphone, the image above shows a stylus with a pressure-sensitive tip. This would mean that the upcoming Cherry Mobile Galaxy Note-like device would either have a separate digitizer to detect pressure-sensitive pen input or that the pen itself would have to be a Bluetooth device to transmit the pressure-sensitive information to the phone or tablet.

Of course, it would be too early to assume that Cherry Mobile is indeed coming out with a stylus-enabled smartphone. Heck, it could be a tablet or maybe they just decided to come out with a Cherry Pen (LOL). Still, the possibility of a budget-friendly Galaxy Note-like device is pretty exciting, especially if it comes with great specs. Full HD screen with octa core CPU, 2GB RAM and pressure-sensitive stylus support, anyone?

Update (2:06pm): Cherry Mobile has just sent out an invite for a February 4 launch event at the Hyatt Regency Hotel and Casino, Manila at 12pm. No other details were disclosed as it looks like they’re keeping a tight lid on this one.

Update 2 (4:41pm): Looks like they’ve posted another teaser. This one’s actually shows a partial render of the device, giving us a better idea of what it will ultimately look like.

Cherry Mobile Note Pro

Update 3 (8:31pm): Here’s another teaser. This time we see the screen head on.

Cherry Mobile Note Pro Sketching



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    this should be in Tablet form.

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