Cherry Mobile Titan Pro Pricing Has Been Leaked!

Cherry Mobile has been teasing a cool new Galaxy Note-like device in the last few days, ultimately revealing the name to be the Titan Pro. While a few specs have been revealed, pricing has yet to be announced. However, I just got word from a source that the Cherry Mobile Titan Pro SRP will be at Php10,999, which would make it a really affordable¬† stylus-enabled alternative to the Galaxy Note series of phablets. Cherry Mobile Titan Pro The Titan Pro disappointingly won’t sport an octa core processor or Full HD screen, but at that price, I’m not complaining. Hopefully, the rest of the specs will justify the price tag when it’s officially launched on February 4. Keep in mind though that this is still an unconfirmed leak, however, it is from a trusted source so there’s a strong chance that we’ll see the Cherry Mobile Titan Pro priced at Php10,999.

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